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new design and arrange for you in google

SEO Marketing is our Speciality
First Position in persian google is yours

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Dichino Services


international web Designing and developement

Data Entry

international data entry optimal and fresh contents


standard search engine optimization in persian language


International Graphic Designing Group for all languages


Search Engine Optimiation

Did you know 90% of iranians use google?!

Reach top positions in all of the search engines is our speciality


we spend 50% of our time just for Research

to make sure our content and articles match the latest google algorithms.

“we do our best for customers satisfaction “

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why we should care about persian SEO?!

Did you know that during a day alot of iranians searching for your products? this people are searching the web to direct purchase your products from your factory but unfortunatly your products are not displaying in persian search

" Our Skill "

We can help your website to Reach top positions in search engines

We Exactly Know How Iranians Search The Web & Use What Words To Complete Their Sentence
We Know All Of The Google Rules In Persian Language

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we do our best for you!

Our Method

We make alot of contents for your product that 100% obeys the rules of persian google
We are White Hat SEO
We SEO your website just with fresh & strong contents

” Our Ways “

we work in tow ways :

  1.  we write about your product features in persian language, 3 times a week. you publish this article and datas in your website. over the time your website can reach top levels in google. your website will see in first level of google with 50 keywords after 6 month!
  2. we make a international website for you in persian language and pesrsian domain with high quality that show your products in persian and write about your company and your work in “about us” page, we also put your phone adress, email and your social media in “contact us” page because this is your website and its yours.

our first method costs 500$ monthly.

It costs 2000$ for your web developement, 400$ monthly for data entry

Cost of site design